Create beautiful Digital Planners to sell with ease...

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, advanced designing skills or access to paid programs

Have you ever tried to

create a digital planner from scratch?

The YouTube videos make it look like a simple thing… right?

But after countless hours watching everything available online, and once you finally get your hands dirty trying to create your planner, you realize the sad thing that no one tells you:
All the little pieces you need to put together and the steps you need to learn to make a well-designed digital planner are actually very time-consuming…

Especially if you lack the necessary skills.

And to make matters worse...

You need an array of different (often paid) programs, which are neither compatible to your operational system, nor easy at all to learn!
If you, just like me, have tried this path before, it is very likely that you:

Bought subscriptions to paid programs to create planners such as Adobe, Affinity Publisher or Windows Office

Spent a lot in graphic assets inside Creative Market, Creative Fabrica or Design Cuts

Wasted hours designing your planner pages, adding text and fixing up hyperlinks inside your digital planner

Only to never actually list your product for sale... because you still have to create the listing images, the description, organize the deliverable files and you got overwhelmed!!

With all that hassle, you’ve got to wonder…

Is there a simpler way to:

Create beautifully designed digital planners that you can sell with confidence?

Without wasting a lot of your time?


And efforts?

Yes, there is! And it is called...

The Canva Digital Planner System

The perfect shortcut for your Digital Planner Business

Design and Sell Beautiful Digital Planners with Ease

"I am absolutely blown away by this course.

And I can't thank you enough for giving me a chance to have more of my time back.

From sitting in front of a screen and painfully overthinking each element, to being fully confident and done in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Anyone, at any skill level, could find gems within this

Cindy M.

Say goodbye to the overwhelming task of creating a digital planner from scratch or the need for expensive designing software.

With our user-friendly system, you'll be able to create stunning digital planners in no time, even if you lack design knowledge or experience in digital planner creation.

Don't let your doubts hold you back - unlock your creative potential and start selling your own digital planners today!

With the Canva Digital Planner System, you will be able to:

Create visually stunning digital planners effortlessly

With the Canva Digital Planner System, you can skip the hassle of starting from scratch. Our pre-designed digital planner templates are specifically tailored for beginner digital planner creators. Simply access the template and get ready to bring your ideas to life!

Customize the digital planners to suit your individual preferences

The Canva Digital Planner System is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone. With just a few clicks, you can customize your digital planner to reflect your unique style and vision. Personalize the layout, choose colors that resonate with your brand, edit fonts - the possibilities are endless!

Save time and money on your design creation process

Our pre-designed Canva elements and templates are created for the Canva free app; a convenient and cost effective solution with an user-friendly interface and many intuitive features! This eliminate the need for expensive design programs or hours learning other tools.

Create unique listing images to display your digital planner creations

Gain the confidence to display your creations to the world with our done-for-you templates which feature realistic mockup elements, all created for Canva free app and designed to suit your digital planner images to a T!

Jumpstart your digital planner business

Streamline your productivity using our system designed to help you create and list a professional-looking digital planner in less than 2 hours.

See what is inside the

Canva Digital Planner System:

Binder Planner Elements

Total Value: $47.00

Exclusive Binder elements, fully editable within the free Canva app, even without prior designing skills.


Binder cover with elastic elements

First page binder elements

Open binder page elements


Planner Page Elements

Total Value: $67.00

Planner pages template fully customizable in a few clicks, using the Canva free app.


Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily planner pages

Goal Setting, Intentions page, Wheel of life pages

Lists and Project page

Habit, Mood, Health and Budget tracker pages

Customizable Hyperlink System

Total Value: $27.00

Allows for seamless navigation and easy organization within the planner.

Here's how it works:

I created a customizable hyperlink-ready template that leads to the most important pages of the planner

I will teach you how to customize its labels, text font and color so it is unique to your planner.

Then we make sure that it is shown in all pages of your planner. This process takes either 1 click or 1 minute depending on the Canva version you have.

Exclusive Customer Hub + Video Tutorial

Total Value: $47.00

Access to the Customer hub with all of your downloads and tutorials.


Customer hub organized by steps so you can easily find what you need

Video tutorials for every step, guiding you through the entire process of editing and exporting the final document, to ensure a smooth digital planner creation experience, even if you never created a digital planner before!

Not sure how this works?

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

The Canva Digital Planner System is a 3-step process to help you design with confidence and grow your Digital Planner business with ease.

Our SYSTEM provides a convenient and cost-effective solution, allowing you to focus on what you do best - creating valuable content for your customers.

Whether you're selling on your website, social media platforms, or through online marketplaces, you can trust that your beautifully designed digital planner will catch the eye of potential customers.

The entire process happens inside the

Canva FREE app:

Let me break it down for you!

Step 1

Customize the Ready-to-Use Binder Elements inside Canva.

Step 2

Edit the planner pages using The System and export the final product!

Step 3

Create all the assets to list your product for sale with ease, using the done-for-you templates.

What are you waiting for?

Files are available to you immediately after purchase.

Reuse this bundle indefinitely for any new planner you wish to create!

Save time by doing all the edits in Canva!

Get EXCITED about creating planners efficiently!

Sell your unique digital planner because you have a Commercial License.

And it gets better!

Check these sweet BONUSES below:

Don't let a lack of knowledge, limited resources or the confidence in your designing skills hold you back from creating and selling beautiful digital planners.

With the Canva Digital Planner System, you have everything you need to go from idea to a LIVE digital planner for sale in under 2 hours...

Even if you've never, ever, EVER, done it before!

I'm ready to sell Digital Planners with confidence!

Total Value: $353

Today's Price: $77

Hi there! We're Thass and Kirsty

We always seek new ways to push the boundaries of design and
bring fresh ideas to the table.

We specialize in crafting beautiful digital planner templates, with visually engaging and functional designs, and offering realistic Canva elements that cut the need to use any other program!

All these elements are our original creation (not Canva Pro), and you won’t find them anywhere else!

Our goal is simple: to provide a seamless and engaging digital planner creation experience for individuals using the free Canva app.

So, no more going back and forth between programs.

No more having to purchase extra graphic assets.

No more hours designing products from scratch!

We’re confident that our Canva Digital Planner System will help you provide top-notch digital planner to your audience...

...even if you don’t have a lot of time...

...previous experience creating digital planners...

...or advanced designing skills!

"Wow, I’m very impressed with the newest Canva Binder Planner system.

The amount of thought that went into this is amazing.

I love that you included easy to change elements. The font clustering is perfection, the ease of use and the way in which this can be used multiple ways.

It’s a one stop shop, to getting planners made in a cinch and up for sale.

Love it!"

Victoria M.


  • I have never created a digital planner before, will this System still be useful for me?
    Yes, the Canva Digital Planner System is not just a ready-to-use digital planner template. It's our own streamline process to create and list a beautiful digital planner for sale in a snap.

    If you follow our SYSTEM, you will create your realistic digital planner and all the assets you need for selling it online. There are video tutorials for EVERY part of the process, so anyone can follow it!
  • I have no design skills; can I create professional-looking digital planner using this template?
    Yes, the Canva Digital Planner System comes with all the elements ready for you to simply customize.

    It is good to have a basic knowledge of Canva, such as knowing how to change color and text.

    However, I have step-by-step video tutorials where I edit the entire template and show you my best Canva tips to make the process super simple and quick! So, even if you never used Canva before, you can get started pretty fast!
  • Do I need Canva Pro to use the Canva Digital Planner System?
    No. All elements and templates are my original creation (not Canva Pro). The designs work with both the free and pro account.

    I recorded all the tutorials using a free Canva account too, so anyone can follow the steps with ease.
  • I don’t use Canva. Will this still work for me?
    No, to use these resources you must create a FREE account in Canva. You will not have to pay for Canva Pro or to use any other program.
  • Do I have Commercial Use License? Can I use these elements and templates to create Planners that I intend to sell?
    Yes. The Canva Digital Planner System is for COMMERCIAL and PERSONAL USE:

    You are granted commercial use rights to flat digital products created from these templates for your business or for your personal use, as long as the end product is in a flat static file format (JPEG OR PDF format only), meaning that your customers should have no way of editing or manipulating any of these elements separately.
  • I already bought the Gorgeous Planner Design Bundle, how is this different?
    The Gorgeous Planner Design Bundle is a collection of Canva elements to help you design a realistic Digital Planner background, which you can customize and then create your own digital planner in any program of your choice.

    The Canva Digital Planner System comes with done-for-you planner page elements to create an undated planner, and doesn't require you to use any other program.

    My recommendations for choosing between these products are:

    Choose the Canva Digital Planner System if you want to create planners fast that are based on a template.

    Choose the Gorgeous Planner Design Bundle if you want to have more creative space to design a totally unique planner.
  • Do I need any extra tool for this to work?
    No, You will create EVERYTHING inside the free Canva app.
  • What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
    The Canva Digital Planner System comes with step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through the entire process of designing and exporting the planner ready for sale.

    I'm confident that even if you have never created a digital planner before, or never used the Canva app before, you will learn and be able to go through all steps with no problem.

    However, if you encounter any problem, you can always email us at and we will help you with your questions.
  • What if it’s not what I expect? Do you offer refunds?
    We cannot offer any refunds on the Canva Digital Planner System. It's available to be used IMMEDIATELY and due to the digital nature of the item all sales are final.

    I've done my best to display what you'll be getting. So take a close look and feel free to contact me prior to purchasing if you have any questions at

Sounds Good?

Then grab the

Canva Digital Planner System now!

Here's everything you will get access to:

Binder Planner Canva Elements

$47.00 Value

Planner Page Canva Elements

$67.00 Value

Customizable Hyperlink System

$27.00 Value

Customer Hub + Video Tutorials

$47.00 Value

BONUS #1: Font Pairing Sheet

$27.00 Value

BONUS #2: Metal Color Cheat Sheet

$27.00 Value

BONUS #3: Product Delivery PDF Template

$37.00 Value

BONUS #4: Listing Images Template

$37.00 Value

BONUS #5: Product Listing Prompt

$37.00 Value

Total Value: $353

Today's Price: $77

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USE REQUIREMENTS: By purchasing this Canva Digital Planner System you acknowledge that using this product requires you to have:
1. A Canva account (you can use either the free or Pro versions)

The Canva Digital Planner System is for COMMERCIAL and PERSONAL USE: You are granted commercial use rights to flat digital products created from these templates for your business or for your personal use, as long as the end product is in a flat static file format (JPEG OR PDF format only), meaning that your customers should have no way of editing or manipulating any of these elements separately.

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